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Jimmy Kalfas

"When I first developed an interest in triathlons, I initially trained myself, and then utilized an online “stock” training service.  While I was able to complete the events I entered, I felt like I could do better.  After a dismal finish in the Gulf Coast Triathlon, I began talking with Jeff Bowman, expressed my frustrations and explained my desire for better performances. Jeff then placed me under his tutelage.

After meeting with Jeff and discussing my medical history (I am asthmatic, and have surgically repaired knees and shoulders) Jeff developed an individualized training plan which he designed to have me in peak physical condition for my events.  This plan enabled me to train hard, yet it provided adequate downtime and rest to compete at my personal best, which I am proud to say, resulted in numerous personal records.  These PR’s came in every event from the 1 mile, 5K, 10K and 15K and included both the half and full marathons.  More importantly, I established PR’s in sprint distance, Olympic Distance and half-Ironman distance triathlons.  In working with Jeff, I bettered my sprint times 30 minutes and my half-Ironman times by more than an hour.

I truly believe that Jeff’s personal, hands on attention made the difference, and that without Jeff, I would have not been able achieve the accomplishments I did.

I highly recommend Jeff!"

Brecht Heuchan - Elite Triathlete

"The coaches at revtri have each in their own way, helped, inspired and encouraged me onward in the sport of triathlon. Regardless of your abilities or goals, I have little doubt they can do the same for you."

Lisa Cox - Boston Marathon Qualifier & Ultra Runner

In a clinic lasting no more than an hour, the coaches with Revolutions Triathlon Coaching corrected 2 things I was doing wrong.  When I applied their tips the next week in my swim sessions, I noticed I moved quicker through the water and I was much less fatigued after my workouts.  In weeks of masters swimming, I had never been given the feedback I needed to correct my stroke.  The benefit of a triathlon coach who knows the sport and can work one-on-one with you saves time and money and allows you to be more efficient in your training so that you can improve, no matter what your level.  I am very thankful that we have the Revolutions Triathlon Coaches right in our back yard, providing experienced coaching."

Mary Thomas

In preparing for my first tri, I attempted to train alone, but was soon hampered by knee injuries from overtraining. I sought the help of the Rev Tri coaches and they were able to formulate a training plan that allowed my knees to heal while still becoming more adept at the skills needed for a triathlon. When I first met Jeff & Ann, I could barely swim a few laps without stopping and I had not ridden a bike in years. However, with their daily training programs and advice, their clinics, and their one-on-one sessions with me, I have been able to vastly improve my swimming, biking, and running skills in order to complete my first triathlon, and I am excited about participating in many more tris.

Not only are Jeff & Ann great coaches and outstanding athletes who are always willing to answer any questions that I may have and offer advice and motivation, they are truly caring people who wish to impart their knowledge of triathlons on all types of athletes from seasoned triathlon competitors to newbies. On the morning of my first triathlon, in which Jeff was also competing, Jeff checked on me several times to make sure I was okay. This truly showed me how great of coach and person he was because instead of taking all his time to prepare for a race in which he was actually competing for a top finish, he was concerned about me, who was just trying to complete my first tri. I cannot speak highly enough of the Rev Tri coaches and I am indebted to them for instilling a love of triathlons in me."

AJ Smith - Law Enforcement

As a professional over 50 who wanted to get fitter, reduce stress and be able to complete races from marathons to triathlons I realized I would need a professional to help me accomplish these goals. I reached out to the experts at Revolutions Triathlon Coaching. After meeting and talking to Jeff and Annie Bowman, I immediately felt comfortable with their experience, knowledge and style of coaching. Their easy to follow weekly workout schedules have made my training enjoyable and easy to follow. I also liked how the team at Revolutions gives back to our community by volunteering their vast experience and time to teach and train youth about triathlons. Since being coached by Revolutions, I have completed several triathlons, duathlon, half marathon. I am continuing to train for other events such as the Marine Corps Marathon and Lake Logan Half Iron Man. I would highly recommend Revolutions to anyone from beginner to seasoned triathlete.
Jay Herring

Having competed in triathlons for over 25 years, I was looking for someone to revitalize my training regimen along with improving race performance.  Rev Tri coaching  accomplished just that!  Thanks to Rev Tri's individualized training programs and  their technique analysis , all three triathlon disciplines improved significantly producing quality results in all distances  - from sprint triathlons to half-Ironman and ironman distance.  Through frequent communication and their expert guidance, the training plans were  individualized to fit  my specific needs  for the upcoming races.  This  allowed me to perform at my very best, physically and mentally.  I look forward to working with both guys again in the future and would  highly recommend them to anyone needing excellent coaching for triathlon events."

John Burns - Professional Ballroom Dance Instructor & Competitor

I wasn't a swimmer. I wasn't a cyclist. I wasn't a runner. I was just an average guy who wanted to "tri". Jeff and Annie Bowman have been instrumental in transforming me into a triathlete. They provide an amazing service. I first met them while they were volunteering at a kids triathlon clinic. I knew very soon after that they were the perfect fit for me. They work around my busy schedule (full time job, 6 kids, pro dance instructor, etc) and help me to be smart with my time. I have seen tremendous improvements in my abilities and developed an increased confidence because of the knowledge I have gained from them. They balance encouragement with motivation and foster a community atmosphere so you don't have to do it alone.

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Jason Hand

“The gang at Revolutions: Triathlon Coaching is an incredible resource. Each coach brings a unique skillset and depth of experience that compliment each other in a holistic manner and enables a truly student specific training program. They also work with us on other key ingredients -- nutrition, hydration, mental toughness, etc. -- all the little things that a well-experienced triathlete learns from years of racing. Based what I have experienced in the short time I have been with them, I have full confidence that Revolutions will help me accomplish my goals.”

Mike Alvarez - Boot Camps to Go

When I started last year I had a goal of completing an Ironman 70.3. I had no idea about training for it, but decided to train myself, after about 4 weeks I knew I needed help. A few people I talked to told me about Revolutions Tri Training. I decided to talk with them, after speaking to Jeff for about an hour I knew this was the right move, I could barely run a mile without stopping, I could just about ride my bike for 25-30 miles, and every time I swam, I would get really dizzy because I was not breathing properly...After about 3 months of training with Jeff and Ann, I was swimming upwards of a mile with no problems coming out of the water, I was running 8-10 miles without stopping, and Had my first 70 mile bike ride with no problems, Jeff and Ann are two very amazing coaches, All of my workouts were geared to me and not just taken out of a book or generic, I hurt my knee with about a month left before the race and Jeff had worked with me on it and made me much stronger in other areas while it was healing, So race day came and i swam a 30 minute mile, I rode a 3:20 minute bike (20 minutes faster than I ever rode that distance) had a great 13 mile run (which I never ran that far in my life) If you are serious about completing a triathlon, or being competitive, you need coaches like Jeff and Ann, their experience was invaluable to me. I will be back with them next year when i race a full season....

Mike Peyman - 2011 Ironman Florida Finisher

Thanks for assisting me so I could complete Ironman Florida. Without your help I would not have been able to do this. Jeff provided me with weekly workouts which enabled me to complete this event. Annie's swim instruction helped this novice swimmer get better! Thanks again RevTri Coaching!

Ben Faulk

As someone new to triathlon I was totally lost when training for my first event and while I had a lot of fun the results were worse than expected. I met Jeff at the pool one day and he took the time to sit down and explain a lot about the sport and gave me an idea of how I should be training. I knew my swimming was terrible so I decided to have Annie help with my swimming and start running with the group on Wednesday nights. Over the next few months I started making substantial gains in training but more importantly I had found people I enjoyed training with and were willing and able to answer all the questions I had. I recently raced in my second sprint triathlon and PR’d by well over 30 minutes. Without the help of Jeff an Annie I know this wouldn’t have been possible. They are both amazing coaches but even better people. They take time to give back to the sport by helping kids get involved in triathlon as well as making newcomers feel comfortable. I can’t imagine a better choice for coaching than Revolutions.