At Rev Tri Coaching we are committed to helping each of our athletes perform their best within the constraints of everyday life. We understand that not everyone can commit 30-40 hours a week to train like some of the professionals. Whether you can train 5 hours a week or 25 hours a week we can help you optimize your time and schedule and reach your goals.

We take the time to get to know our athletes and their goals. Whether your goals are to complete a race, make the podium, qualify for a specific race, or even win a race, Revolutions can help. We recognize that every athlete is different and has different needs. We believe in creating a unique plan based on an athlete’s individual strengths, weaknesses and training availability.  We believe that constant communication is essential and feedback from our athletes is a vital ingredient to developing a training plan that will succeed in taking you to that next level.   

At Revolutions we believe that "in person" training sessions are essential. Online coaches are great for some people, but most people could use one on one feedback on occasion to review their swim stroke, pedal stroke, and/or running form. A single change in an athlete's swim stroke can lead to more improvement than months of training. This “one on one” in-person relationship in coaching is something that can be lost when working with online only coaches.  We seek to establish that relationship with our clients, often times training and racing side by side with our clients.
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